Vertical System Farming

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The world’s largest aeroponic farm, exploding with food in the middle of a “food desert”

Ajoutée le 12 nov. 2014

Scissortail Farms in Tulsa, Oklahoma is using Future Growing’s vertical aeroponic growing system to produce fresh food for the region.

AMAZING Farm-To-Table Restaurants Utilizing Vertical Aeroponics

Ajoutée le 16 mai 2014

Future Growing® Tower Gardens® in the TV news media.

Aquaponics Community Farming

Ajoutée le 17 juil. 2012

Aquaponics Community Farming

UW grad student's hydroponic tower system grows lots of veggies

Mise en ligne le 5 août 2011

UW Ph.D. candidate Nate Storey describes his hydroponic tower system that uses fish to provide nutrients for his main product -- vegetables. He tied for first in the 2011 Wyoming $10K Entrepreneurship Competition through the UW College of Business this past spring

Raymon and Verti-Gro, vertical hydroponic Garden System

Mise en ligne le 19 janv. 2010

Raymon Grace interviews Tim Carpenter of Verti-Gro about his vertical gardening system. Beautiful vegetables grown in containers if very little space. Grow your own vegetables just about anywhere!

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Ajoutée le 17 janv. 2013

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Vertical Hydroponics System

Mise en ligne le 1 nov. 2010

How to set up your indoor vertical hydroponic garden with Stackable Gro Ups. Save space with this easy diy vertical garden system.

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Ajoutée le 21 oct. 2013

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