Pomme de terre en Tour Verticale

Pomme de terre en Tour Verticale -  Potato Towers Vertical Garden

Potato Towers Vertical Garden


potato towers


Ajoutée le 19 mai 2013


Potato Towers

I've wanted to grow potatoes in a tower for some time now. It saves space by getting the crop to grow up rather than sprawling out in the ground.

Here's how it works: The plant grows and its stem lengthens, as do the underground stolons from which the tubers grow. Give the stem more height to grow and it will, increasing the space for stolons and thus tubers.

At the Mason Street City Farm we have tried 2 different techniques:

1) Build it all at once
-take your materials to make your tower and make a tower! You can use any sort of mesh, bamboo blinds, garbage cans, you just want it to be able to hold the weight of the potatoes while they grow. Choose level ground and prepare your medium. We chose a 50/50 mix: Leaf mulch and finished compost.

This first technique requires more potato seed and that you have all of your growing medium ready at once. Put a 4-6" layer of your mix at the bottom of the potato tower and place a ring of 5-6 potato seed, add another 4-6" layer of potato seed. Continue this layer process until the tower if full.

2) One layer of potato seed that you just continue to add layer of leaf mulch and potato seed to as the potato plant grows. Less potato seed and prep is needed and I have a feeling that it will produce more potato seeds.



Enormous harvest of Container Grown Potatoes


Ajoutée le 4 oct. 2014

I decided to harvest the remaining 7 containers of potatoes this evening.
These are the Sarpo Miras grown in smaller 30 litre pots.
The result was the biggest crop I've ever had of about 75 pounds from the 7 pots with some of the potatoes being enormous.
The first one being almost 13.5 pounds from just a single pot.
So I will continue to grow my spuds this way and grow more of this variety.
Facebook Page at : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Allotm...



Potato Towers: The Results Are In!


Ajoutée le 28 sept. 2014

In this video I'm harvesting the potato towers and discussing the results of my first experiment with growing potatoes in stacked up car tires.
These potatoes are now in my winter supply, to see me through the first few months of the Year of Food!
NB: Sorry guys, the volume on the later discussion section is a bit low. Sorry about this, it sounded OK in editing. I'll be checking out my mic setup fr the next vid!



Plant Potatoes in Bags of Burlap Above Ground from Home Grown Fun


Mise en ligne le 31 déc. 2011

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Recycled coffee sacks provide a natural grow bag for planting potatoes above ground at home, on your balcony, patio or in the backyard. They give the potatoes awesome air flow and drainage. They last one season and can be composted. See how we plant seed potatoes in burlap almost all year round in San Diego. At Home Grown Fun, we love to inspire everyday folks to grow their own food. Visit our website for more inspiration, adventures, crafts, food and fun. Hang out with us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for watching!

Check out "Cherubs" and more amazing music from Josh Woodward: joshwoodward.com



Огород без хлопот Высаживаем картофель глазками в мешок.Часть 1.


Ajoutée le 31 mai 2015

Выращивание картофеля в мешках - нетрадиционный, но возможный и даже необходимый способ выращивания картофеля для тех, кто не располагает большим пространством дачного или приусадебноо участка, продуктивным грунтом или ограниченным временем. Если на вашей даче земля как камень и ломается лопата при вскапывании, а картошечки хочется своей, без химикатов, раннеспелой - этот нетрадиционный метод как раз для вас

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Sac De Pomme De Terre N°2 By Philou


Ajoutée le 19 oct. 2013

Sac De Pomme De Terre N°2



Pommes de Terre en Sac (160L) Résultat By Philou


Ajoutée le 21 sept. 2013

4Kg au total



Kenosha Potato Project


Ajoutée le 21 févr. 2013

The Kenosha Potato Project examines the growth of over 300 varieties of potatoes grown in bags supplied by gardeners.com



Potato reveal from 4 planter bags


Ajoutée le 7 juil. 2014

A good harvest from 4 potato planter bags harvest 1 Duke of york 1 Charlotte and 2 international kidney.



Harvesting Potatoes from Potato Bags


Mise en ligne le 8 nov. 2011

For more gardening talk, head over to Green Talk (http://www.green-talk.com.) For this video, growing Potatoes is so easy when you plant them in potato bags.You can get these potato bags here. (http://bit.ly/1hZRY4E.) Watch this video as I harvest yukon potatoes. To read the entire article on Green Talk, see here:http://www.green-talk.com/2011/11/09/... Be sure to subscribe to Green Talk's newsletter: http://www.green-talk.com/subscribe
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Garden 2013, Third Potato Bags


Ajoutée le 21 sept. 2013

After deer at the tops, I harvest three bags of Yukon Gem potatoes. My luck continues....


2011 Garden, Potato Harvest Bag 2


Mise en ligne le 30 juil. 2011

Sooner than expected, I harvest my second bag of potatoes. So far, so good!



Allotment Dairy : Growing potatoes in containers,how to boost your yield to get a bumper crop


Ajoutée le 5 avr. 2012

A quick video of how I go about planting potatoes in containers and then taking up a little soil space on the bed the roots are allowed to grow through the holes into the soil beneath.
This is how I did it last year and had some amazing crops of 11 pounds of spuds from just 2 seed potatoes.
I use 30 litre pots and add about 4oz of fertilizer to the bottom quarter such as Blood Fish & Bone or whatever your fert of choice is.
The amount of room each pot takes up is minimal,around 2square feet so the yield per sq ft is remarkable,way more than planting straight into the soil.
The reason seems to be that not only do the plants get all the nutrients from the compost,but also they get extra nutrients and moisture from the soil below.
I know the compost costs a little but the ease of harvest cancels out the extra expense and the hassle of digging up the crop.
Website : http://www.allotment-diary.co.uk



How to make a Potato Barrel for growing 40+ lbs of potatoes in a small space


Mise en ligne le 5 déc. 2011

See more videos and other info about urban farming at: http://localblu.com

James and Rishi from TheGrowingHome.net prepare a potato barrel for maximizing potato yield in a small space. They use an advanced soil preparation which includes organic compost, horse bedding, vermicompost, leaf mold, gypsum rock dust, and peat moss. They hope to have 40+ lbs of potatoes when all is said and done.



High Yield Potato Barrel


Ajoutée le 29 sept. 2014

Description: We used a 35 Gallon barrel, with the Mittleiders Method Laws of growing and the weekly feed.
Go to:
to find the full description
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Harvest time for one container planted with five seed potatoes


Mise en ligne le 29 août 2008

Harvest time for five seed potatoes planted in one dustbin. In this video I show you how many potatoes I harvested from my black plastic container planted with five seed potatoes. Not a fantastic harvest but every one of them was totally delicious.
Potatoes can be grown in many types of containers from plastic bags to large containers. Ideal for those of us who have restricted space in their garden and love the taste of fresh own grown potatoes. I have even had potatoes growing in my compost bin from old potatoes thrown out to be composted!
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Potato Crop 2011


Mise en ligne le 7 juin 2011

2011 Planting of Yukon Gold and Red Skin Potatoes some in 5 gallon pails and some in the garden spot. The pails have drain holes in the bottoms with the bottom layer being a light sandy soil and the remainder 100% composted leaves.



Potatoes in a Bucket 5 Harvest 1


Mise en ligne le 8 août 2009

Harvested first two buckets.



Harvesting Red Potatoes using the Garbage Can Method


Ajoutée le 18 sept. 2013

Harvesting Red Potatoes from a Garbage Can from happymoneysaver.com



Taters in a Cage


Mise en ligne le 26 juin 2010

How to Grow Potatoes in a Wire Cage



Potato Tower


Ajoutée le 3 juin 2013

Master Gardeners 6-3-13



Potatoes Harvested from a Straw Bale


Mise en ligne le 11 nov. 2009

Grown in a straw bale, these spuds (potatoes) were VERY easy to grow. I had a leftover straw bale from my neighbor's Halloween decorations. I poured some human urine into the bale over the winter and let it compost. In spring, I stuck a piece of a potato in the straw bale, occasionally watered it, and the spuds grew. Harvesting was VERY very easy, with my bare hands just plucking the spuds out of the straw bale. No need to dig. This was great for a sunny spot on concrete. If I had put the straw bale over soil it probably would have been even better since then the roots could have spread beyond the bale.