Growing plants in a barrel

Faire pousser son potage vertical dans un tonneau - Growing plants in a barrel

The Vertical, Composting 50 Plant Patio Farm by Garden Tower Project

Ajoutée le 28 janv. 2013

------ UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: ------ This animation demonstrates how the Garden Tower works and what it's capable of offering.

Garden Tower Project | Earth Eats | The Weekly Special

Ajoutée le 4 oct. 2012

The Weekly Special visits the Garden Tower Project, a unique self-contained garden and composting system that is changing the potential of urban farming.

For more information on the Garden Tower Project, visit:

Growing plants in a barrel

Ajoutée le 13 mars 2013

Food crops and ornamentals can easily be grown in different types of barrels. It can help people to an important quantity of fresh food and it can embellish the environment.

Half-Pint Homestead Garden Barrel Construction

Ajoutée le 14 avr. 2013

Want to grow your own food and herbs but don't have the soil or the space? These Garden Barrels can make a big difference. They hold over 50 plants in just 4 square feet and incorporate composting worms for aeration and fertility. This video will take you step by step though the construction process. We sell accessories for the Garden Barrel at Grow Something Good!!

Around the Home: #2 Making a Garden Barrel

Ajoutée le 5 oct. 2013

In this episode of Around the Home, I show how to construct a garden barrel capable of housing 50 plants in a four square foot area. It includes a worm composting tube as well. I originally found this idea in the below video and it is well worth the watch. I am hoping it is a compact way to grow organic vegetables and compost at the same time.

Check out the June 2014 garden update video.

The Half-pint Homestead Video

Second Grow Tower

Ajoutée le 7 nov. 2012

Showing the technique I used for the thick walled barrel.


How to make a strawberry barrel / bin! How to make a herb barrel or bin


Mise en ligne le 18 janv. 2012

In this clip you will learn how to make a strawberry and herb barrel for the use in small gardens.
Herbs that can be planted using this barrel method:

Note; all the ones in the category at the side can also be planted on top. It also depends allot on, if you let them get big in the second year.

THYME, at the side
CORIANDER, at the side
PARSLEY, at the side
DILL, at the side
Chives, at the side
Garlic, at the side

ROSEMARY, on top
Fennel Seeds, on top
Mustard, at the top
Oregano, on top
Tarragon, on top
Sage, on top
MINT, on top


Vertical Gardening Build a Grow Tower Barrel + Worm Tube

Ajoutée le 28 mai 2014

Vertical Gardening: Build a Grow Barrel with a worm feeding tube.
Build a strawberry barrel and grow 30 plants or even more in the space of one Vertically. Maximize your strawberry growing space or any other plants by converting a barrel into a vertical garden.
Lets make a strawberry planter barrel that will last for years. Mine holds 30 plant but could hold more.
Thank you for watching hope it helped in some way.
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The Composting Vertical Garden Tower, Available at


Ajoutée le 22 mars 2012

------ UPDATE: Garden Tower 2 JUST RELEASED: ------
Colin Cudmore, talking about the fundamental benefits of the composting vertical Garden Tower container gardening system. See it in action at (there is a ton of great info to check out). Also see it on facebook at View the youtube playlist to see growing Garden Towers. Organic gardening anywhere and everywhere!



Kristi on Summer Vegetable Planting with your Garden Tower


Ajoutée le 8 juil. 2013

Kristi Armes gives a brief summary of summer planting of her Garden Tower. July vegetable garden planting is easy, fun and rewarding! -- Garden Tower 2 Now Available --



Kristi Composting with her vegetable and herb Garden Tower!


Ajoutée le 8 juil. 2013

Kristi Armes gives a brief summary of worm composting with her Garden Tower. Simple, low maintenance red wiggler vermicomposting feeds your vegetables organically.



Garden Tower Setup: Assembly



Ajoutée le 24 juin 2013

Garden Tower Setup Series: Out-of-box assembly of a Garden Tower; a "how to" plus useful tips and suggestions.



Organic Patio Farming: The Making of the Garden Tower Project


Ajoutée le 8 mars 2014

------ UPDATE: Check out the all-new, revolutionary Garden Tower 2 available today ------ ( Vertical organic patio farming made simple -- learn how the Garden Tower was invented, how it works, and see how it's built. The Garden Tower uses natural technology to supercharge modern container gardening. See composting and gardening made as simple as possible and watch the Garden Tower turn kitchen scraps to organic veggies!
Learn more at


How To Set Up vertical Garden Tower part 1 . Grow your own vegetables Hypnotica

Ajoutée le 5 juil. 2013

How to set up garden tower part 1. Review of the Garden Tower.

Grow 53 Plants in 4 Sq Ft with a Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden

Ajoutée le 3 nov. 2013

John from sets up the Garden Tower Vertical Container Garden that allows you to grow 50+ plants in just 4 square feet of space. In this episode, John will share why the Garden Tower is unique and why it is the best vertical tower garden system he has found to date. The Garden Tower will allow you to have a vegetable garden where your normally couldn't such as on a patio, balcony, deck, sidewalk or driveway.

While watching this episode, you will learn:
1. How to assemble the Garden Tower
2. Where to place your Garden Tower
3. How to make a nutritious potting soil your plants will love.
4. How to fill and plant out the Garden Tower in one easy step.
5. How the Garden Tower Conserves and Recycles Water
6. How to add Red Wiggler Composting Worms to Your Garden Tower
7. If John Prefers the Garden Tower Project or the Garden Tower

After watching this episode you will learn the benefits and how to set up the Garden Tower so you too can grow a vegetable garden in a limited amount of space.

To learn more about the garden tower please visit

The all-new Garden Tower 2 - Available today!

Ajoutée le 3 nov. 2014

3 years in the making... The all-new GARDEN TOWER 2 is finally available thanks to the wonderful support on KICKSTARTER!

Thank you all for getting us here and allowing us to make the highest performance urban gardening system ever. With great appreciation, the Garden Tower Project.

Now until May 17th, save $60 on the Garden Tower 2 with coupon "springsale" in our webstore (

Off-Grid Self-Watering Container Gardening System: The Ultimate Container

Mise en ligne le 21 févr. 2012

Now that you have the basics of this system by watching the first two videos I share with you my "ultimate container". I don't know of a better container to produce more food in less space than this ultimate container. Due to many reasons including the variations of plants, the density of planting and the ability to stack these containers make them the ultimate container for container gardening. Imagine being able to grow forty plants in a one foot area!



How To Make A Container Garden Tower Out Of Reclaimed Materials


Mise en ligne le 3 juil. 2010

Shawna Coronado shows how to be green and sustainable by reclaiming - reusing a series of old planting containers. She paints the containers, then builds a special planting tower with the recycled pots, creating a green and eco-friendly way to make an environmental difference in your garden.



Allotment Dairy : Growing potatoes in containers,how to boost your yield to get a bumper crop


Ajoutée le 5 avr. 2012

A quick video of how I go about planting potatoes in containers and then taking up a little soil space on the bed the roots are allowed to grow through the holes into the soil beneath.
This is how I did it last year and had some amazing crops of 11 pounds of spuds from just 2 seed potatoes.
I use 30 litre pots and add about 4oz of fertilizer to the bottom quarter such as Blood Fish & Bone or whatever your fert of choice is.
The amount of room each pot takes up is minimal,around 2square feet so the yield per sq ft is remarkable,way more than planting straight into the soil.
The reason seems to be that not only do the plants get all the nutrients from the compost,but also they get extra nutrients and moisture from the soil below.
I know the compost costs a little but the ease of harvest cancels out the extra expense and the hassle of digging up the crop.
Website :



How to make a Potato Barrel for growing 40+ lbs of potatoes in a small space


Mise en ligne le 5 déc. 2011

See more videos and other info about urban farming at:

James and Rishi from prepare a potato barrel for maximizing potato yield in a small space. They use an advanced soil preparation which includes organic compost, horse bedding, vermicompost, leaf mold, gypsum rock dust, and peat moss. They hope to have 40+ lbs of potatoes when all is said and done.



High Yield Potato Barrel


Ajoutée le 29 sept. 2014

Description: We used a 35 Gallon barrel, with the Mittleiders Method Laws of growing and the weekly feed.
Go to:
to find the full description
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Harvest time for one container planted with five seed potatoes


Mise en ligne le 29 août 2008

Harvest time for five seed potatoes planted in one dustbin. In this video I show you how many potatoes I harvested from my black plastic container planted with five seed potatoes. Not a fantastic harvest but every one of them was totally delicious.
Potatoes can be grown in many types of containers from plastic bags to large containers. Ideal for those of us who have restricted space in their garden and love the taste of fresh own grown potatoes. I have even had potatoes growing in my compost bin from old potatoes thrown out to be composted!
Join me over at for many more videos on many more subjects.

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Potato Crop 2011


Mise en ligne le 7 juin 2011

2011 Planting of Yukon Gold and Red Skin Potatoes some in 5 gallon pails and some in the garden spot. The pails have drain holes in the bottoms with the bottom layer being a light sandy soil and the remainder 100% composted leaves.


Potatoes in a Bucket 5 Harvest 1


Mise en ligne le 8 août 2009

Harvested first two buckets.



Harvesting Red Potatoes using the Garbage Can Method


Ajoutée le 18 sept. 2013

Harvesting Red Potatoes from a Garbage Can from



Self watering container / Wicking barrel, with added ideas & pointers ;)


Ajoutée le 21 nov. 2013

Have been growing in wicking beds/barrels for about 4 years & have been most impressed with the small amount of water they use as well as their ability to pump out the veggies.. Thought it was time to post an updated clip showing a few improvements & additions that have been made over the past few years to the wicking barrel design..

The one thing I have left out of this clip & hope to cover in another is the use of compost worms & the benefits they bring to a wicking system like this.. This clip is long enough methinks ;)

Harvest clip for the sweet potatoes planted in this barrel,

Below are some clips & links that you might find useful if you are interested in having a go at making up your own wicking barrel, garden bed or container..

Scarecrows Garden blog was the first place I saw wicking beds & fell for them straight away due to our climate & our desire to conserve water.. Thanks Scarecrow :)

Colin Austin's Wicking bed web site..

JT's Wicking Bed Project on the Backyard Aquaponics forum.. Love the water cells JT has made up for his beds..

Chris's first Wicking bed clip with soil/gravel wicking comparison..
& part 2

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