Air Injection Technology

Amazing Air Injection Technology for Hydroponics

Ajoutée le 29 juin 2014
Wayne shows a close up view of the Revolutionary Air Injection Technology Spider for hydroponics. It is designed to fit in a 3.5 or 5 gal. bucket. The even air delivery is the key to this amazing technology that produces healthy roots. The roots have no where to hide, this also eliminates root balling.

The increased growth and yields of Air Injection Technology for SOIL without root balling!

Ajoutée le 6 juin 2013

This video is a visual dissection of the Air Injection Technology for SOIL with an emphasis on the minimal root balling experienced by the technology. Grow up to 50% faster with up to 70% nutrient savings!

DIY Air Stone...

Ajoutée le 12 mars 2014

This is an air stone I made from a small plastic container, microfiber cloth, and remnants of a drip irrigation system. Easy to make; minimal tools and effort required.

Much less cost than store-purchased item.

Here is a link to another larger version:

Air stones keep em or trash em? Testing air injection technology, The Spider.

Ajoutée le 24 juil. 2014

The Spider can be found at

Picked up only 2 to try them out, at $12 a piece I didn't want to invest in something I haven't tried out. If they perform the way I like for about 2 rounds I will completely switch over.

If anybody has used these tell me about it. Did you like it why or why not. Opinions welcomed.

Air Stone versus AIT Air Injection Technology for Hydroponic Systems

Mise en ligne le 17 mai 2011

This video shows and explaines the diffrence between using a air stone versus the AIT Air Injection Technology for use in a water reservoir to grow hydroponics. The right amount of air to your plants roots is the single most important thing when growing with hydroponics. AIT or Air Injection Technology provides an even amount of air through out your water reservoir. Use AIT with Deep Water Culture (DWC) or with Ebb and Flood type systems. Produces white, clean, crisp roots.

How to water your plants that are utilizing Air Injection Technology for Soil.

Ajoutée le 23 avr. 2013
This video illustrates how to add water to your plants that are utilizing Air Injection Technology for Soil. An exclusive technology manufactured only by

Venturi Experiment - Small DIY Venturi for Hydroponics, Aquaponics or Aquariums

Ajoutée le 25 janv. 2014

Rob's DIY Venturi
I recently watched Rob Bob's (bnbob01) DIY venturi video and it looked like so much fun I thought I'd try my hand at making a small version out of easy to find local parts. I hope to be able to use this in future DWC or recirculating hydroponics experiments.

I think it would be very useful in small hydroponics, aquaponics or aquarium applications for water oxygenation.

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diy venturi low presure or high only $2.00 hack

Ajoutée le 23 sept. 2014

my diy low pressure venturi or make the center hole bigger for more high volume water..
cost me only $2.00....make sure the drip tubing is barely show @ center hole..
parts are from homedepot

Make A Simple & Powerful Pump - The Venturi Pump

Ajoutée le 5 août 2015

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This is a simple and very effective pump that you can do yourself with a couple of copper tubes. It's actually an air powered pump that makes use of the venturi effect. The high velocity air that passes through the smaller brass tube, mixes with the air that it's already in the larger copper tube. The air that is mixed and shot from the outlet must be replaced, and this is what causes the suction to happen.
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