Green diamond aerosystem 5 weeks

Mise en ligne le 3 juin 2010

Culture de fines herbes, légumes, fleurs(coleus) et fraises à la 5e semaine.

Roots Growing Timelapse - Pepper Plant Roots Growing

Ajoutée le 23 juil. 2013

This time lapse video of pepper plants roots growing took about 20 days to make. The plants were indoors under 270w of CFL grow lights, the water had some nutrients in, and the system is an aeroponics system made by Aero-Pot. Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics which uses mist to feed plants roots, this allowed me to film the doors between each misting so we can watch them grow. Pretty amazing!

Aero-Pot Aeroponics System Review - My new Hydroponics Toy

Ajoutée le 10 juin 2013

I picked up a couple of Aeroponics Systems called Aero-Pots from a company called Happy Hydroponics.

Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics which makes use of a fine mist to keep plants happy.

You can pick them up on ebay form the Happy Hydroponics Store:

Growing Tomato Cuttings in Hydroponics (Step by Step)

Ajoutée le 31 juil. 2013 You can never have enough tomatoes, at least that is what I think. You can make your own homemade sauce, freeze it and eat it on bread or pasta in the cold winter months. In this video you will learn how to propagate them from cuttings using the aero-pot. The aero-pot is an Aeroponics system similar to that of Hydroponics but creates a fine mist from water and creates the perfect growing environment. It is such a fun and reliable thing to use and you can buy your own here:
And here is a full tutorial by my friend on how to use it and a top notch review:
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Home made Deep water hydroponic system for $35 Easy

Ajoutée le 26 avr. 2013

I use hydroponics to start all my plants, it's much faster and very easy, now with my home made deep hydroponic system I can grow larger vegitables like your greens etc. even a tomato plant.

Make sure you add hydrogen peroxide once a week!! Make a ventilation cut under the brim in an area that light isn't touching. That will help decrease some humidity. Unlike soil when you add nutrients to the water the water is extremely acidic and will shock the roots. For this go to HomeDepot and get a little PH kit and there solutions for PH, very cheap, This is a MUST...

Check out my5 Gallons Bucket Hydroponic + Nutrients 101 From A to Z very easy.
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5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics - The easiest aeroponics system to build - Full Class HD

Ajoutée le 15 nov. 2013

For more info, including parts list and instructions, go here:

Aeroponics Tower Build - Part 1

Ajoutée le 4 mai 2015

Part one of how to build an aeroponics tower. This is built using cheap food grade components with a focus on using materials that are easily sourced or recycled.

Aeroponics uses small droplets of water and hydroponic nutrient mixed with air to maximise quantity and yield in a small area. Ideal for balcony/patio gardens, indoor or outside. Part 2 coming soon.

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What is Tower Garden® Vertical Aeroponic Growing System?

Ajoutée le 9 nov. 2012

No soil, no weeding, fewer pests, less work, better produce and more—discover the benefits of growing your own fresh, healthy food with Tower Garden vertical aeroponic growing system.
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As a convenient vertical aeroponic growing system, Tower Garden by Juice Plus+® simplifies gardening. Easily grow almost any vegetable, herb, or flower and many fruits at home with 90% less space and water and in a fraction of the time compared to conventional gardening. It's perfect for urban settings—rooftops, patios, balconies, terraces—or just about any relatively sunny place outside.